About Us

Intuitive Organizing is owned and operated by Cassandra Moll, a local artist, mother and professional organizer. Cassie has been organizing as a side job since she was in high school and even has some of the same clients from those many years ago. Although she went into retail management and then into office management, enjoying her experiences and learning many skills, she always felt a need to be her own boss. After the birth of her children, this dream would become a reality! The desire to have her own schedule led her to go out on her own and further develop the working relationships that were already in place. Over the years, she has grown as a referral based business and is proud of the change that she has helped create for her clients and for her community.

Cassie has a strong belief that by helping people reach their own maximum efficiency, she can free their time and allow them to channel their newfound energies into community outreach on all levels. She has devoted her free time into creating a network of local artists and business owners who are like minded in their devotion to the betterment of society at large. She feels strongly in supporting local organizations and in the idea of working WITH each other, not FOR each other.

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